Modern museum sites compared to

Modern museum sites and screen shots of sites compared to

  • – clean and neat, fixed bottom navigation that is also flexible in size, but most navigation moves too much. Some of the internal pages look different and not consistent with the look and feel of the home page – sometimes a lot of movement going on that is jarring.

  • – neat, easy navigation and easy to find content and info
  • – minimal, clean, easy navigation
  • – easy navigation, consistent page look and
  • – surprisingly, this site’s functionality¬† is very similar to moma’s although some of the bad features in this site have been improved like the flex navigation and contents have been tidied up a bit

  • – tabloid type once you get to the pages, more of a research type site
  • – easy navigation, quite simple and clean look and
  • – very simple but looking quite

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  1. max macapagal Says:

    It is interesting to note that these sites have a very similar look and feel.

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