Moma redesign comp process

After doing the competitive analysis, I found that is not a bad site after all for me. The look and feel is clean and uncluttered, and I like the dynamic navigation with multiple flash content previews. I think that is somewhat the inspiration a few years back, because most of the things I hate about the functionality of the site has been improved in

However,  I am not one of the persona that was given, and by looking at the three personas provided for the site redesign, there are issues.

  • Heather might find this site ok; she’s also a designer and a bit techy, so she probably would not mind the dynamic flash navigation
  • Theresa might not like the busy navigation. All she’s concerned about is finding resources for her kids quickly. The nav requires some skills and familiarity to scan and find contents and resources quickly for a busy mom
  • George would probably hate the nav and the many flash buttons. Being not so techy, he likes plenty of contents right there in front of you without searching deep into the site.

So with these personas in mind, here’s the new site redesign: redesign comp

  • The look and feel’s minimal and clean and quite approachable to the three personas.
  • The main navigation is simple, adding some rolldowns to browse deep in the site.
  • The flash buttons will not be so dynamic like the old site.
  • The current exhibition would be the only one changing in flash.
  • There is a search button right on the top right eye immediately visible.
  • The main information are all easily accessible.
  • The site’s 1024px x 768px but the main contents borders at 958px with the borderline fold at around 660 (hovering the bottom end of the rss|sitemap|press|sendemail|visitor info| footer.

C’est tout! Ciao

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