Process in completing the home page (all nested divs in external css):

  • Research and more research / get inspired
  • Sketch a basic wireframe on drawing pad
  • Sketch some roughs on drawing pad to plan and organize design comp
  • Design in Photoshop after asset ( images, text, video) acquisition
  • Slice and name images in optimal sizes
  • Work in Dreamweaver in code/design view
  • Set up div configuration by using rough wireframe as well as sketch
  • Import images, text and media, embed video
  • Use JavaScript for functioning rollovers with faux links
  • Test in multiple browsers - new two column site - nested divs in external css


Note the visual structures ( fixed two column with header and footer with embedded video on the upper left column) of both these sites are identical, the div tags however are totally different. - two column site inspiration


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