MOMA three level nav design revision [STATIC screen shots]

MOMA web design stats:

  • fixed width at 1024 px
  • elastic height
  • elastic css background width accomodating size of user’s browser resolution
  • three column grid structure with consistent header and footer
  • linked to multiple external style sheets depending on page content
  • consistent main nav with spry  drop down menu on header
  • second level landing page has java script/flash image based navigation
  • specific tab color assigned to designated page
  • third level sub  and sub-sub pages has css java script sub navigation on the left side bar
  • consistent image and simple list nav on footer

The following path  demonstrates the MOMA nav design revision three levels deep:


  • home page :                                                EXPLORE > FILM (selected in the main nav drop down menu)
  • landing page(level 1)                                   TIM BURTON (selected in landing page java script or flash image nav)
  • sub page (level 2)                                        FEATURE FILMS (selected in left sidebar sub nav)
  • sub-sub page (level 3)

New MOMA nav design revision [static screen shots]:

MOMA home main nav

EXPLORE > FILM (selected in the main nav drop down menu in home page)

MOMA landing page [home > explore > film]

TIM BURTON (selected in film landing page js or flash image nav)

MOMA sub page [home > explore > film > tim burton]

MOMA sub nave page

MOMA sub-sub page [home > explore > film > Tim Burton > feature films >]

MOMA sub sub nav page

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MOMA nav redesign slideshow

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