Time Warn Cable Redesign Analysis

I checked out my my cable provider’s online presence (Time Warner Cable.com) and here are the hits and misses:


  • attractive and interactive site
  • attractive interactive site-looks user friendly

  • simple navigation with drop down options: looks user friendly
  • simple main nav with secondary nav but doesn't specify location

  • contents are well organized in compartments/modules
  • well organized contents in compartments or modules


  • limited browser support IE, Firefox, Safari
  • note limited browser support on top in the yellow header

  • distracting blue image background looks dated
  • distracting bubble image background displayed on 1920 resolution

  • misleading navigation: lacks page location structure, user can be easily lost
  • good example of user page location, but other page locators in other are misleading

  • over use of blue monochromes provides  little contrast and sometimes poor legibility
  • over use of blue tones provide little contrast resulting in poor legibility at times


The following competitors are noted below to show their online presence:

  • att.com
  • colorful, attractive, simple site, highly organized looks very user friendly

  • verizonwireless.com
  • attractive, colorful, cheerful, highly organized/looks user firendly

  • comcast.com
  • bright, main nav looks simple, but other sub navs and links are confusing

  • directtv.com
  • similar look as time warner's, but looks busy/primary color scheme looks childish

Overall,timewarnercable.com is an OK site but can surely needs an update.  Att.com and verizon.com look fresh and very user friendly with  white as the color background providing a clean, fresh user friendly sites. Directtv.com looks quite similar to timewarnercable.com but worse showing less stellar nav as well as a childish look and feel. I think it’s time for timewarnercable for an update. Here I will use timewarncable.com as the name of the redesigned site  instead of timewarnercable.com.

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