PSD Creating Reflection

This is a very simple effect to create a nice reflection.

Use an iphone for this one, you can use whatever you like, this works out really well with icon and typography.

Paint the back ground black and duplicate the iphone layer as you can see here.

Select the iphone copy layer and rename it to iphone reflection and flip this iphone around so it looks like it’s upside down, and place it right under the other iphone so we can use this as our reflection.

Select the iphone copy layer and go to Edit > Transform > Flip Vertical and place it under the other iphone as you see here:

Time to make the reflection more realistic. On the iphone reflection layer we are going to add a layer mask to it just by clicking on the layer mask button.

Apply a gradient on the layer mask, this will make our reflection look more realistic.

Select the gradient tool, and using the color black apply the gradient from bottom to top until you get a good result like the one you see on the image bellow:

This is how your layers should look like.

Now to make it even better and finish this up we are going to lower the opacity of the layer to 75% and we should have a great final reflection.

This technique is very simple and can be used to create any kind of selections, if needed you can also apply some perspective specially if working with 3d shapes.

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